Saturday, 16 December 2017

Add ons Hackathon

On 15th of December, 2017 the CMRIT Firefox Club in collaboration with the Web development club of the CMRIT college had organized Add-ons Hackathon.

Coming up with a concept which was conducted in the month of July (Add-ons Hack) CMRIT Firefox Club had brought back a good amount of contributors. They were pretty much excited and pumped up. The participants ended up developing 50 web extensions. The Firefox team had given a glimpse of how to push the add ons to AMO. However we are unsure of how many participants really tried that (as we ran out of time). 
Here is the event flow:

 Address the gathering and a quick interaction
 Introduction to Mozilla & MozActivate Campaign Highlights
 Introduction to Addon Development, Demo and an overview of API’s  
 Brainstorming session (Part-III of web extensions mozactivate campaign)
 Hackathon begins ;)

The feedback received was pretty encouraging and the team is planning to get back with next session on web extensions and the target of that event would be to push the add ons to AMO.

Stay tuned for further updates about our next session.  Feel free to reach out to us, in case you have any queries.

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